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Gran Stead's Ginger - Mellow Ginger Non Alcoholic Wine - 750ml

Gran Stead's Ginger - Mellow Ginger Non Alcoholic Wine - 750ml

  • £5.99

Gran Stead's Mellow Ginger WineWinner of the highest accolades at the 2009 Great Taste Awards - Three Star Gold and Best Speciality for the South East

For over 150 years, Granny Stead’s original non-alcoholic ginger drink has delighted generations. Expertly prepared, her unique combination of exotic spices and ingredients make this Mellow Ginger Wine the true family favourite.

Rich, smooth and vibrant, Gran Stead’s Mellow Ginger Wine has broad appeal and won’t leave you gasping for water. That’s because the heat is expertly balanced with a welcome hint of sweetness. The unique taste is derived from an intense essence extracted from the rhizomes of fresh ginger. A sprinkling of capsicum adds definition but doesn’t overheat. The colour is intensified by caramel, which also contributes to the lusciously rich flavour.

A versatile drink for all seasons

Serve straight or mix with your favourite tipple. Refreshing over ice, it’s heart-warming when gently heated. 


Water, sugar, caramel, tartaric acid, ginger, lemon, capsicum

Free from artificial preservatives, colours and flavourings.
It’s gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Once opened, it will keep in the fridge for three months.

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